Koukou Nyushi Episode 4

The show is growing on me. It’s not the best thing ever, but it’s entertaining. Plus, learning about how school exams are in Japan is enlightening. There’s so much pressure just to pass. It kind of makes me glad that I went to school in Canada, it also makes me feel dumb though.

Since it’s been four episodes and I like the show, I thought I’d start doing a five line recap for it. It also lets me share this wonderful English exam question. Can you guess the answer without being distracted by the grammar?

Who is this famous dramatist?

5 line recap:

1. The principal decides that the internet board isn’t related to the school exam.

2. Erina sneaks into the school to see Kiyotaka, because it’s her birthday and she just had to see him.

3. It seems like Kyoko is somehow linked to the bearded guy we’ve been seeing.

4. “Yu-chan” drops by the give Kyoko a replacement Gold Card, only it’s very obvious that he’s not Yu-chan.

5. Asami gets a call during the test, which means an automatic fail, and so she starts to hyperventilate; later on her mother complains to the principal over what happened and how her daughter cannot fail the exam.

Preview: Suspicious people are suspicious


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