5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 11

Episode 11 was mostly a filler episode. So nothing really happened. One thing I think is interesting is how the show is showing Hyun Woo and Victoria. Both are after the main couple, they’re very persistent in doing so, and they smile a lot when they do this. They won’t take no for an answer.

So why is it interesting? Because with Hyun Woo, he has this air of confidence to what he’s doing. At the end when he sees Soo Nam, he has this sort of smug look to him, almost like a, “That’s right, I’m in her house.” look. But with Victoria, she’s seen as desperate and clingy. I think now that Soo Nam wants to be with Yeo Ok, the show is trying to make Victoria look worse in comparison. Before this, I think many viewers wanted Victoria to be with Soo Nam only because they made a better couple. Even though what she did was wrong, she still seemed like a good person. But now? It may be better for Victoria to stay away from the love scene and cool her head.

I don’t think they’ll do this to Hyun Woo, only because he wasn’t the ‘mistress’ in the relationship and he’s a guy. He may try to fire Soo Nam, but I think he’ll probably leave gracefully once Yeo Ok decides to go with Soo Nam. (You know that it’s going to happen eventually.). In kdramas, the other guy almost never acts like Victoria did in today’s episode, so I don’t really see that happening here.

Oohlala Couple

5 Line Recap:

1. Hyun Woo finds out about Yeo Ok and Soo Nam’s relationship, even though he doesn’t say anything, he clearly hears the conversation between Yeo Ok and her mother.

2. Soo Nam begs for forgiveness, but Yeo Ok blows him off.

3. Victoria notices that her apartment is on sale, so she goes to the Go house and spends the day with Soo Nam’s mother and sister…because that’s not weird at all.

4. Victoria gets dumped again, so she goes to Yeo Ok and asks her to leave the hotel so she can have Soo Nam all to herself.

5. Soo Nam walks into Yeo Ok’s new apartment and sees a very happy Hyun Woo.

Preview: Victoria’s clinginess ends up hurting Ki Chan. Like I mentioned before, they’re really trying to bring down her character to prop up Yeo Ok.


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