JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 5

History Lesson: Long ago, in 1565, Elizabeth I and Mary Queen of Scots had a bit of a problem. Both wanted to be the main Queen, only not really. After Mary becomes the prime suspect in her husband’s death, Elizabeth swoops in and, well, to make a long story short Mary gets captured and beheaded. Interesting fact, the axe missed its mark a few times before finally getting her head.

Poor girl.

Elizabeth then decided to toy with two of Mary’s loyal solider, Tarkus and Bruford. She tells them that if they give themselves up, she would free Mary. They believed her and when it came down to axing time, they found out that their beloved Mary was already dead.

Poor guys.

So why am I mentioned this? Because in episode 5 of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Tarkus and Bruford show up. And if you actually believe that they’re real historical figures, you’d be mistaken. They’re not. I even googled it.

Poor me, especially since I should know better.

It’s still very interesting though. Mary Queen of Scots is someone who I loved reading about, only because her reign was so short due to all of the manipulations and power struggle from all sides. Plus, the whole axe (which is my main reason for learning about her) missing her head thing is brutal. It’s kind of amazing that the guillotine didn’t even show up until the French Revolution some 200+ years later. It would have been a lot more humane for her to go…

I love how she looks like a psycho.

And that’s a history lesson for watchers from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

Now on to the recap.

Boco steals a bag belong to the hereos

Jojo looks in awe at Boco’s awesome stealing skills.

Zeppeli decides to one up Boco and walks on water

After seeing two amazing events, Jojo is confused at who he should be more impressed by.

So Dio shows up to remind Jojo that he can only be impressed by one person. Dio. Uurryy!

Jojo won’t acknowledge Dio unless he sees something amazing.

Dio then gives Jojo the fing….oh wait

Zeppeli decides to show Jojo how awesome he is, by fighting Dio.

Jojo steps in before things escalate and he gets even more confused.

Dio throws them both away

And bring in his trump card, Tarkus and Bruford.

Speedwagon decides to have a heart to heart with Zeppeli

While Jojo plays with Bruford’s hair.

Seeing this, Dio leaves after establishing his rightful place as number 1 in Jojo’s eyes.

What will happen next, cliffhanger!

And that’s what happened on the show, only not really.

Preview: More fighting.


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