Shinsekai Yori – Episode 6

We’re back to the old style and the characters have proper facial expressions! Yatta!

Shinsekai Yori

In the last episode, Saki and Satoru were trapped underground. Since both lost their Cantus, they can’t really do anything but wait. Saki then goes on a weird acid trip. The poison gas from the last episode, probably brought forth this sudden highness. Considering how short it was and how it came out of nowhere, it did feel weird.

Shinsekai Yori

In this acid like state, Saki sees a naked (but not really) Shun. Only, one of the Library creatures emerges from his head. Jack Ripper style. This triggers one of Saki’s memories where she found out what Satoru’s mantra was. She uses this to get his Cantus back.

When I first watched this scene play out, I wondered why Saki didn’t tell Satoru what her mantra was after she did all this. If she did, then both of them would have gotten their Cantus back. After the episode ended, I thought about this a bit more and realized that when the monk sealed their Cantus, he also sealed the memory of their mantra. This makes the most sense, because there would be no real consequence to losing ones Cantus. If it’s sealed, you could easily get it back by using your mantra. This is probably the reason why students are told to keep their mantra a secret, so something like this doesn’t happen.

Shinsekai Yori

The Tarantulas, the foreign queerats, are still in the area, so the two are still in danger. Satoru decides that going on the offensive is the best option, because if you just defend yourself, like the monk did, then you’ll die. This is confirmation that the monk actually died. We already knew this, but I still feel bad for the guy. He was just trying to do his job and get the kids to safety, only he ended up with horrible death feedback and died.

RIP monk.

Saki and Satoru join up with the good queerats from the last episode and fight and kill a lot of the Tarantulas. This takes up most of the episode. And while I didn’t really care about the fighting, I was interested in what was happening to Satoru.

Shinsekai Yori

Seeing as he decided that attacking was the only option, he should start feeling the affects of the death feedback like the monk did.

Only this doesn’t happen. Satoru only seems tired because he’s pushing himself and overusing his Cantus. So why isn’t he getting any death feedback? And if he is, why isn’t it as strong as the monk? I’m assuming he should start feeling something. Anything except excitement and tiredness.

Shinsekai Yori

Then again, the monk only started to feel any recoil when he killed the library and saw the human image appear. That was trigger. So unless Satoru does the same thing and sees a human, I’m guessing he’ll only feel tired from pushing himself and not get any death feedback.

Shinsekai Yori

No preview was shown, which probably means something crazy is going to happen in the next episode. I do still have a lot of questions about this world and the characters, so hopefully, the queerat business will end and we’ll get some answers.


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