K – Episode 5

Just like episode 4, episode 5 ends with another mystery. So I’m guessing that the plot will start to pick up now. I wonder if we’ll see anyone more colour factions, or if the story will only talk about Red and Blue?

I feel bad for all the hate this anime is getting, but I do understanding the disappointment fans are feeling right now. After five episodes, I’m still not quite sure what to make of this show, but I did like this episode. It was actually the best one so far in the series. I think the lack of Shiro helped with that. He really is a weak MC. There’s also some unnecessary fan service.

Oh well, here’s what happened in episode five of K.


She must have horrible back pain.


Neko wants rice crackers


Kuroh likes to sew


Shiro thinks about the bloody clothes


Red Faction make it through the school gates to search for Shiro


Blue Faction make it through the gates to search for Shiro


Shiro is already outside of the gates.


Yata and Fushimi fight


Yata gets stabbed

Seri stops them from fighting


Blue Faction find no matches for Shiro in the student database


Red Faction ask Kukuri, because she’s in this show, and she doesn’t know anything.

So what does this mean? Is Shiro really a student here? Did everyone forget about him? Who wiped his details from the database? We might find out in the next episode, but judging from the previews I don’t think we will. At least not yet.


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