5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 9

So much crying in this episode. Yeo Ok cries. Soo Nam cries. Il Ran cries. Yeo Ok’s mother cries. Victoria cries. It really seems like everyone cries in this episode.

I really hope the show stops talking about what Soo Nam did in the past. I get it, he’s a cheater, jerk, he’s a dirtbag, etc…, but do we really need every episode to mention this, especially since the two seem to have worked things out?

I don’t even want them together, I think Yeo Ok and Soo Nam make better friends then husband-wife. And the show has clearly shown us how perfect the coupling would be if it was Victoria/Soo Nam and Hyun Woo/Yeo Ok. But the show is clearly telling us that Yeo Ok and Soo Nam will get back together. It’s simply the inevitable.

Since this is the case, then I wish the show would stop reminding us how much of a cheater and jerk Soo Nam use to be. The more I’m reminded, the more I feel like the end couples should be Yeo Ok/Hyun Woo and Soo Nam/Victoria.

But that’s just me.

울랄라 부부

5 Line Recap:

1. Soo Nam hears his baby’s heartbeat and decides not to go through with the abortion, this means that’s it’s been over 5 or 6 weeks since he was in the hotel with Yeo Ok, which in turn means that they’ve been trapped in the others body for even longer than that.

2. After a lot of crying, and I mean a lot, Yeo Ok and Soo Nam agree to work things out.

3. Victoria says that she still loves Soo Nam, even if he’s in Yeo Ok’s body.

4. Later, he breaks up with her, this makes her almost run into a car and we last see her passed out.

5. Looks like they’ve switched back, I wonder what’s going to happen in the remaining 7 episodes now?

Preview: So they’re definitely switched, but Soo Nam has to deal with a sick Victoria and a sick Yeo Ok.


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