5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 10

Now that Soo Nam and Yeo Ok decide to work things out and they’ve returned to their bodies, there is only one thing left to do. Have a misunderstanding to keep the two apart. Hahaha, this happens all the time in romantic comedies and especially in Korean dramas. The only bad thing is that this is also my least favourite plot device in romantic comedies.

Soo Nam and Yeo Ok are in their forties, so they’re old enough to talk about their issues. Then again, communication was a big problem, I mean, it took them nine episodes to work things out, in regards to Soo Nam’s cheating, so it will take another five, maybe even six episodes for them to work through this problem…which isn’t really a problem. Given their circumstance and history, I guess the misunderstanding does make sense.

Oh, we also got the return of the non inhaling of the inhaler. If the show can afford to have nice cars and the Samsung Galaxy 3, then it shouldn’t be too hard to find an empty inhaler so that so Yeo Ok can proper inhale her inhaler. It’s kind of funny though, so I don’t mind it that much.

울랄라 부부

5 Line Recap:

1. Yeo Ok has a miscarriage, don’t worry though it’s normal to not always hear a heartbeat at 5-6 weeks of pregnancy (according to google), so we should probably (maybe) expect the baby to show up once again.

2. Soo Nam searches everywhere for Yeo Ok, since he can’t find her he visits a sick Victoria only this visit is seen by Yeo Ok, which starts misunderstanding one.

3. Yeo Ok refuses to talk to Soo Nam, well, she does talk but pretty much tells him that he’s the reason why she had a miscarriage and after she says her piece, she hops on a ferry and goes to her mother’s house.

4. Ki Chan asks his grandmother, why is she so hateful to his mom.

5. Soo Nam misses the ferry, but see Hyun Woo, which is the start of misunderstanding two.

Preview: No previews, but we do get to see some funny bloopers from the show.


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