JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Episode 4

I love how over the top this show is. In this episode, we get the return of Erina, Jojo’s romantic interest. I kind of love how she aged normally, while Jojo still looks like a truck. The man is a beast with Chun-li thighs, it still amazes me that he’s able to move with all that muscle. Ah, the life of an anime character.

We also meet Will A. Zeppeli. He was the one who actually found the mask relic, but after seeing all of his crew die because of it, he vows to destroy it. He has a really interesting technique to kill vampires, so he takes Jojo under his wing.

Here is the quick photo recap of what happened in episode four.

Speedwagon visits Jojo, only he finds someone else there.

It’s Erina, Jojo’s old girlfriend.

Speedwagon leaves once he realizes that Jojo would rather have a female by his bedside instead of a chum.

Uuuuurrrrrrrrryyyyyy! Dio returns.

He recruits a ging…Jack the Ripper to his team.

Zeppeli punches JoJo

JoJo is alright.

Zeppeli punches a frog.

The frog is alright.

Zeppeli trains JoJo

and shares his sad past.

JoJo, Speedwagon, and Zeppeli try to find Dio.

Jack the Ripper pops out of a horse.

Then gets worked.

So he runs away.

JoJo punches a wall,

which kills Jack the Ripper.

And that is a quick summary of what happened in episode four.


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