Sword Art Online episode 17

In this episode, Kirito learned to fly without a controller. He learned that he needs to learn how to land. Leafa ended up being Suguha, which was pretty obvious. And Sugou reveals his evil intentions to Asuna. I think that pretty much sums it up.

Sadly, I felt like this episode had the same lack of urgency that we’ve seen before when Kirito was playing Sword Art Online. Kirito has a week, less than that actually, and even though he found someone to team up with he’s still enjoying himself in this world. There was one moment when he said that he needs to complete the game asap, but other than that he looked like he having fun. If this continues, I do have a feeling that it will be blamed on Sugou and his experiment. Still, if he wants to save Asuna then wouldn’t it make more sense for him to constantly play the game and never log out?

Speaking of which, I wonder why no one recognizes Kirito’s name? He is the hero that beat SAO. His name would have been in the paper stuff, so why doesn’t Suguha recognize the name? Why doesn’t anyone recognize the name? Even if it wasn’t revealed and covered up, there are people who know who Kirito is and would have told others about him.

There are two new developments in this episode. One, Suguha seems like she’ll fall in love with game Kirito without knowing that he’s actually her cousin. She’ll be hurt in the real world and game world, so I kind of feel bad for her already. That being said, I do hope that Leafa doesn’t become like Suguha. I know they’re the same person, but Suguha has only one emotion so far. Love for Kirito. If her game character starts to do the same thing with Kirito’s game character, then I’ll be disappointed. There should be more to Suguha and Leafa.

The other development is that Sugou is evil. Incredibly evil! Super Evil! Evil Evil EVIL!! If hair sniffing wasn’t enough, he jokingly says that he’d take Asuna by force and then talks about an experiment that he’s doing where he can implant memories into people. Evil!

The only problem with this is that I still don’t understand why he’s this evil. What’s the point in creating an experiment like this? Why make a game that involves illegal activities, when a famous game maker killed a bunch of people with his game? Wouldn’t the police already be looking into the game to make sure it’s safe? And what’s the point in being this creepy with Asuna? Why does he do things to make her hate him when he’s suppose to be marrying her? Why?


Unless he actually loves her. Here me out. What if Asuna, before SAO, use to love him too. But after some misunderstanding between them, Asuna became distant. Maybe, when Asuna was in trouble and needed comfort, she sent a text to Sugou saying, “Please come, I need you.” Since Sugou was busy with work, he couldn’t come in time right away, which hurt Asuna and caused a rift in their relationship. Sugou was at work and can’t drop things so easily, but Asuna needed him at that moment and expected him to do so. Maybe she thought that if he couldn’t come, then the same thing would have happened when they’re married.

They still loved each other and stole glances, but as the days, no, weeks go by Asuna became more nad more distant and distrustful of her fiancé. So they side stepped the issue and act civil whenever they were around other people, but the tension never went away.

Sugou would always talk about SAO, since his mentor and rival, Kayaba, was the leading force behind the game. One day, a fight with Asuna, he walks away to cool down. Asuna, depressed over everything, sees the game and decides to play it. When Sugou comes back, he sees that Asuna played his game and decides to wait for her to log out, only it doesn’t happen.

Then two years pass by and it turns out that Asuna fell in love with Kirito. This hurt Sugou, because he’s planning on getting married to Asuna. The more Sugou sees how happy Asuna is, the angrier he gets. It almost seems like she forgot about him. He then decides to create a system that can erase memories, so he can forget he ever knew Asuna and not feel this pain anymore.

One day, he sees that Kayaba slash her and quickly does everything he can to save her. He may hate her, but he doesn’t want her to die. He loves her after all.

After Kirito saves the day, he originally planned to free her right away, but after then he hears horrible news. According to Asuna’s father, Kirito always comes to visit Asuna. All of Sugou’s old feelings come back and he decides to see who this Kirito is, but when he sees him he gets even angrier. He decided that instead of using the system to erase his memories, he’ll use it on Asuna instead. He’ll erase all the memories she has of Kirito, who is the other man in this relationship, so she can be happy with her first love. Sugou. Then she’ll come crawling back to him, only instead of receiving a warm embrace she’ll only get his cold rejection.


Perhaps I’m thinking about this a bit too much, but if this isn’t the reason why he’s being a creep to Asuna, then the show better provide a good one. I mean, he has to have a good reason for his evilness. Even if he was born evil then at least let us know.

I’m sure we’ll get another info dump on why he’s like this soon. In the meantime, maybe he should get some tips from Dio Brando on how to do this whole evil thing better.


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