Shinsekai Yori episode 5

I’m not sure what to make of this episode. What happened in the episode was fine, it’s just the animation failed horribly. I didn’t mind how everything looked at first, even though it’s different from what we’re use to. It’s just that characters would be saying something in a serious tone, but they’re shown as smiling.

I don’t know if this is what was on purpose or not, but it seems incredibly odd when Shun is saying that they should run away because they’re sitting ducks at the moment. But he looks like this.

Shinsekai yori

He looks like he’s planning something evil, when he isn’t. There is another case of odd smiling when Satoru asks Saki if she can run and she says no, while looking like this.

Shinsekai yori

She’s hugging Satoru, but instead of noticing how dangerous the situation is they’re both smiling and looking pleased with themselves. I guess this is a case when I need to read the LN in order to understand things better, because I didn’t understand what was the animators were trying to convey here.

Another problem I had was when the characters will say something in a way that evokes emotion, only their faces looked dead. An example of this was when Maria sounded like she’s terrified, and rightfully so, but instead looks like she found something interesting.

Shinsekai yori

If I didn’t watch the episode and just saw this picture, I would be wondering what Saki and Maria found to make them look like this. I wouldn’t be saying, “Wow, you guys look like you’re in trouble.”

Every episode has been pretty stellar so far, but this one was just bad. Not only was the animation bad, but some plot points were not explained well either. The biggest example for this, is the monk. Apparently he died, but we’re never shown his death or even told that he died. In fact, I have no idea what happened to him. One moment he’s fighting the exploding dogs, the next the kids are saying that they need to run away and he’s no where to be seen.

I’m still wondering if he actually died or not.

Hopefully the next episode is a lot better than this. Judging from the preview, the animation seems to have went back to normal so that’s good!


3 thoughts on “Shinsekai Yori episode 5

  1. Quizoxy

    I would think the problem with the episode being the difference of staff responsible, with a different perspective of the plot given. I personally felt the same way with the episode appearing awkward with the change of rhythm all of a sudden and certainly I prefer how it was with the previous 4 episodes. Hopefully we get less of this episode styling.

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Ah, I see. I read around and it seems this is normal with A-1 so I’m sure it will go back to normal with the next episode. Looking back, the art isn’t really a problem. I don’t mind if the art quality drops as long as the story is good. But the lack of facial expressions to match the voices provided is what I didn’t like.

      1. Quizoxy

        Indeed, the expressions are like essence to the experience fed to the viewers and its one of the problems with this particular episode. It will most probably be back to the original way it is with the next episode, that is if someone else was assigned with the episode 😀


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