K – Episode 4

I want to like this show. I really do. But as each episode passes by I’m left feeling more and more disappointed. This could be another Blood-C, where the story takes it’s sweet time to build up to an exciting conclusion. Even if that’s the case, I stayed with Blood-C, because I read Blood+ and wanted to see what CLAMP would do to change up the story. I don’t have the same emotional commitment to K.

I really hope the plot picks up though and the ending of this episode did look promising. But, the ending of the first episode also looked promising and look where we are now. No plot, the characters are all one dimensional, and fan service for the sake of fan service. The art may look nice and I like that everything has a blue tint to it, but if that’s the only good thing so far in K, is it really worth my time to stick with it?

I’ve been reading some forums about this and apparently the story doesn’t start to really get interesting until episode 6. Le sigh.

Here’s a quick recap of what happened in this episode:

Kuroh follows Shiro.

Shiro dresses up.

Kuroh and Neko do the same.

After 18 minutes, Kuroh remembers that he should say that he wants to kill Shiro.

Kukuri wonders how she can make her mark in this episode, while ignoring the situation.

Shiro is innocent.

Or is he?

Other things happen, but they really serve no purpose to the actual plot. There is a funny scene where a student confesses his love for Kukuri, only to get rejected. Other than that, nothing else really happens.


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