BTOOOM! episode 4

This episode was pretty intense. We got to see Sakamoto display his awesome BTOOOM! That right there would make this an awesome episode by itself, but I think the best part was Kira Kosuke. A sad boy, who was abused physically, emotionally, and sexually by his father. Due to this, he channels his rage by committing petty crimes like pick pocketing and larceny; however, we then learn that he upped his antics when he killed and raped three women.

Yes, killed then raped. All at the tender age of fourteen.

What makes this even worse is that he doesn’t show any remorse and instead of being incarcerated, he’s released due to him being a minor and his history of abuse. AHHH! It makes me so angry. And yet, I find his character to be really interesting. I want to feel bad for him, because he was abused, but he killed then raped three women so he should die. DIEEEEE!

But, the real question is should he get the chance to seek redemption and change, or should he just be killed in a horrible horrible way?

I have a feeling he’ll eventually be killed, so um let’s just go with that. He’s a psychopath, so I’m okay with it.

I am curious why he was brought to the island with his father and lawyer though. And why his lawyer called Kosuke a monster, but turns a blind eye to what Kosuke’s father does.

Anywho, here’s a quick recap of what happened in episode four of BTOOOM!

Off island: Police tell us that Kosuke is one sick dude.

On island: Frogs tell us that Kosuke is one sick dude.

Kosuke kills his father and feels wonderful.

Lawyer feels sick and runs away.

Sakamoto and Kiyoshi sense danger.

The two of them run and Kiyoshi gets injured.

So Sakamoto and Kosuke fight each other.

Sakamoto almost dies.

But then he hits his head and gets BTOOOM! powers.

Sakamoto wins.

Kosuke lives and gets tied up.

Sakamoto realized that Kosuke gets a little angry when he’s hungry, so he gives him a snick……….snackies bar.

And that’s what happened in episode four of BTOOOM!

Preview: Himeko and Sakamoto meet again. They’ll probably team up.


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