5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 8

I like when this show breaks the fourth wall. It was funny when Yeo Ok and Soo Nam had an argument about how there are so many soul switching dramas out there and that it could be based on ‘real’ people like them. Soo Nam even starts off by saying, “You know in those dramas when people’s souls switch…”

I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m definitely not a fan of Narsha’s character only because I think Narsha can’t act (sorry). But her time in this episode annoyed me, because of how hypocritical Narsha’s character and Wolha were. Bah! Bahhhh!

so…this episode was better than last week. We’re at the half way mark, so we should slowly be seeing the conclusion of some of the storylines very soon. Unless, this show has a rushed ending.

울랄라 부부

5 Line Recap

1. Hyun Woo broke up with Yeo Ok not because of school, but because he had stomach cancer and only a few months to live.

2. Hyun Woo had stomach cancer, Victoria has a heart condition, and both are very persistent with the ones they love even when they get yelled at and told that they’re annoying – Oohlala Couple, I see what you did there.

3. Yeo Ok is pregnant and Soo Nam is in distress, so he wants an abortion, because he doesn’t think he can handle being pregnant…since he’s a man.

4. Victoria finds out about the switch and we find out about why she came to Korea.

5. Go Soo Nam’s mother takes Soo Nam to the hospital to get an abortion, but Yeo Ok and her mother rush there to stop it from happening.

Preview: Go Soo Nam’s mom tries to stop Yeo Ok and her mother from going into the operation room. Victoria vows not to give up on Soo Nam, even though he’s in a woman’s body. Soo Nam says sorry to Yeo Ok, but I think this is meant to make us think he went ahead with the abortion, when in actuality he didn’t.


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