5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple episode 7

This episode was a lot better than last week. But I’m still losing interesting in the show.

울랄라 부부

5 Line Recap

1. Victoria decides to cook food for the Go family and reveals to Il Ran that Soo Nam has amnesia, that she’s in love with him, and that So Nam said that he plans to marry her, and surprise surprise, Il Ran only reacts to the amnesia part.

2. At the hotel, Soo Nam, now laundry attendant, and Yeo Ok, who is now a maid, are both competing with one another to get the Manager’s position, so now instead of fighting about their failed marriage they can also fight about work.

3. Hyun Woo still loves Yeo Ok and only changed when he found out she was married and moved on, which makes sense considering he told her that he’s leaving her for another woman and going to the States, but it was all just a lie and what he really wanted was for her to wait for him for three years.

4. Attorney Lee and his wife clear up the double affair rumours and then Attorney Lee hits on Narsha’s character, because he just can’t help himself when he sees a pretty lady.

5. Yeo Ok’s mom comes down for a visit and instantly realizes something is weird with Yeo Ok and Soo Nam, why no one in the Go family thought something was strange, I have no idea, but the biggest thing she contributes to the story is to reveal that she had a dream that Yeo Ok is pregnant.

Preview: Yeo Ok is pregnant and Victoria will find out about the switch. If she finds out, does this mean that Hyun Woo will too? And what about the Go family, I really want them to find out as well.


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