First Impressions: Yuusha Yoshihiko to Akuryo no Kagi


Synopsis: 100 years have past since the defeat of Maou…
Someone somehow broke the seal and the world is once again infested by monsters.

The people remembered…
There once was a Yuusha (Hero) named “Yoshihiko” who defeated Maou…
However, Yuusha Yoshihiko has passed away a long time ago.

The people suffered in despair.

Then Hotoke appeared high above and sent down the light of mercy…
Yuusha Yoshihiko is back!!

Hotoke will order.
Go to the quest again and find “a key to the seal”

First Impressions: It’s back, it’s back, it’s back!!!! YAY!!

Even though I only recently watched season 1, I’m really happy to see that this got another season. The show is incredibly funny and the game references makes my nerdy heart smile with glee.

If you haven’t watched this before, then you should get on that so you can watch the new season. Don’t be disappointed at the low quality, it’s a low quality adventure story that doesn’t make much sense. But it’s just so fun to watch.

In this episode, there is another evil that has appeared and the village needs a Yuusha. Since it’s been 100 years since Yuusha Yoshihiko defeated the Maou, he’s can’t really do anything. So the village finds his descendent who happens to be a child. Sadly, the child gives really good reasons why he can’t go out and fight. And if the village head tries to force him, child services will be called in.

So Yuusha and his entourage are brought back to defeat evil once again.


And so the story begins.

Can’t wait for more!


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