Sword Art Online episode 16


Episode 16: From Beater to Cheater

This episode can be summed up in a sentence. Kirito goes back to playing a game that’s called ALfheim Online (ALO) and instead of not being able to logout and die, there seems to be a glitch or error of some sort with his character giving him all of his SAO stats.

We do see the return of two old characters: Agil and Yui. Agil shows up in the first part letting us know about ALO and that Asuna is being kept there. He hands Kirito the game and Kirito springs into action.

Kirito going back into a new game is great, because the show is better when Kirito was in the game. But I also wanted to see Kirito adjust more in the real world. He was clearly at home in the game and still not use to being in his real home, so his struggles to find a balance between the two would have been interesting to see.

Since he can logout normally now, I’m hoping we still get to see that, but he might get obsessed with the game or something so who knows?

Speaking of the game, ALO looks just as massive and amazing as SAO. Even though the story lacks a bit, the show has always made me want to play SAO…as long as I can logout and not die in real life. ALO gives me the same feeling. It looks stunning and I definitely want to play it.

In the game, Kirito is suppose to go to the start city, but ends up in a forest due to a glitch of some sort. The glitch not only makes him start in the forest, but also gives him all of his stats from SAO.  This means that despite being a newbie, his stats make it seem like he’s been playing this game for a long time. This means that we won’t get to see Kirito doing many side quests in order to level up, instead his entire focus will be about saving Asuna.

The glitch also gives him all of his old items. The only one that works is Yui. So he does what any good father would do and loads up her data so he can see her again. They reunite and Yui becomes a pixie.

When we first saw Yui many episodes ago, I found her really annoying. Papa this, Mama that. Papa! Mama! Papa! Mama! Ahhh! It was annoying! Then she showed us her power and I became interested in her character, except that she also died in that episode. Now that she’s back, she still says Papa, but because she’s a Pixie she provides in-game knowledge to Kirito and helps him out. So she’s useful now, so I like her. I just hope we don’t hear her asking for Papa and Mama so much.

After the two talk about the game, a new girl character shows up and Kirito saves the day. Does this mean the new girl will fall for him? No, I don’t think so. But that’s only because I think the new girl is Suguha. If I’m right, then she doesn’t fall in love with Kirito, she’s already in love with him. I always skip the OP and ED of any anime I watch, so I don’t know if this was revealed there or not, but the way the new girl held her sword was exactly the same as Suguha. Kendo style.

If it is Suguha, then her playing the game was probably a way of her feeling close to her brother, since he was in the hospital. It was probably her way of coping and whatnot, but now it’s enjoyable and she’s good at it……

But then, if it is Suguha, I wonder how her mom allowed her to get the game in the first place? If I was trapped in a game for two years, my parents probably would have banned gaming in the house, regardless if it was life friendly or not. They definitely wouldn’t allowed my siblings to play a game either. The fact that Kirito, and probably Suguha, are able to still have games in the house is kind of weird if you think about it. Then again, we never see parents in this show so I guess it’s not that big of a deal in the first place.

Overall, episode 16 is one of the better episode of SAO. The pacing was good, seeing Agil was nice, and ALO looks fun. I am interested in seeing what Kirito will do and if he gets sucked into this game and prefers it to real life. Even though I know this won’t happen, since he has a time limit to save Asuna from the creepy hair smelling guy, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed. It could be that he gets sucked into this because of the time limit and not due to him preferring it over real life. Either way, I just hope it happens.

Since we got see Agil in the real world, I wonder if we’ll get to see Klein?


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