First Impressions: Koukou Nyuushi


Synopsis: The story will focus on the day before and the day of the entrance exam. The story is centered around the entrance exam of a well-known prestigious prefectural high school. A number of incidents occur that threaten the entrance exam, and it seems to be the work of someone lurking in the shadows. Who is the person behind all this and what is his or her motive!? Everybody is a suspect and the truth is only revealed at the end.

First Impressions: Another drama that I thought I would like a lot more than I actually did. Hope the story picks up after what happened at the end.

I love mystery stories and I love learning about schools in Japan. Everything is so intense there that it makes me glad I went to school in Canada. It also makes me feel kind of dumb, but that’s okay.

There is mystery here, so I’m interesting in what that entails, but the characters…It’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that the acting isn’t really that great here and the characters are made to seem overly suspicious. The only problem with this is that nothing happens to make us suspicious of them in the first place. There is an incident at the end, but that happens after almost every character is established as a suspicious person. Some are not even suspicious, they’re just creepy. Why?

I also don’t like the camera work and the main character is a bit annoying. I’m hoping that once the story picks up it will get better though.

One aspect that I found interesting was how the show depicts discrimination on the show. Instead of being in the right tribe, or caste, or race, the show’s characters talk about how if you didn’t go to the right high school everyone will look down on you.

In order to explain this, the Gym teacher provides us with an analogy. Say a parent has two kids and one of them goes to Ichi High and then goes to a third rate University, but the other kid goes to a normal school and then gets into Todai (Tokyo University), who will be bragged about more? The answer is usually the second child, because Todai is a big deal. But in their community, the first child would be hyped up instead because they went to Ichi High.

Another teacher emphasizes how important high school is by mentioning that her daughter went on a blind date and the guy who went to the same school as her. Even though he was cute, had a good job, and was pretty much a perfect guy, the mother and daughter felt depressed because he didn’t go to a better school than the daughter. In this community, if the guy doesn’t go to a better school than his potential wife, then he’s looked down upon and probably rejected.

It’s just like the caste system but with high schools. Then to emphasize how hardcore the teachers are and how much they love their prestigious high school, four of them decide to sing the school song together.

Yep, that happens.

It’s awkward to watch and lasts for awhile. It kind of reminds me of that scene in Red Garden where one of the girls starts to randomly sing out of nowhere.

This drama looked interesting from the synopsis and poster, but the first episode kind of fell flat for me.


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