First Impression: Akumu-chan


Synopsis: A somewhat strange girl named Koto Yuiko (Kimura Manatsu) transfers to the class taught by Mutoi Ayami (Kitagawa Keiko). Koto Yuiko has the special ability to make her dreams come true, but the outcome is usually a disaster. Mutoi Ayami doesn’t want to become involved, but it soon affects her…

First Impression: This is definitely a must see for me. The story is great, the characters are interesting, and Gackt is shady. It’s also surprisingly dark, which is quite nice.

Mutoi Ayami is a teacher that we’ve seen in many jdramas before. She’s super sweet and always has a smile on her face, but behind that façade she’s really just a cold hearted person who doesn’t care for bonds or school. She does love fairy tales though.

For the most part, her act seems to go unnoticed, but all that changes when one of her students posts a message on their blog saying that the Ayami is two-faced psychopath. No one knows who does it, but in order for her to keep her job, Ayami has to find out who the culprit is.

Koto Yuiko transfers to the class, making the search more complicated. Yuiko has the special ability to see dreams that come to life. The only problem is that when she’s outside and sees people, she connects to their subconscious and starts to see things from there. When this happens, her eyes move side to side as if she was in a deep sleep. What Yuiko sees isn’t rainbows and sunshine, she sees people dying, houses burning, and things that no kid show see. Her grandfather, a reasercher in dreams, tries his best to help her, but it seems like only one person can. Ayami.

According to Yuiko’s dream, Ayami is the only one who can help her solve these problems and save lives. Since Ayami is an uncaring teacher who doesn’t believe in bonds and doesn’t want to involved with her students lives, you know that she isn’t going to take this lightly but will slowly change with each person she helps.

Judging from the first episode and the preview for the next, it seems like each episode will focus on kid in Ayami’s classroom. This may seem like it would be predictable, but it’s not. Yuiko’s dreams are vague, so you have to interpret them correctly in order to figure out what will happen. For example, in the beginning of the episode Yuiko sees a beetle (Kabuto) next to a house. When she wakes up, she finds that the beetle represented the name of the homeowners, Kabuto. Or when she sees Ayami stabbing one of her students, this is ends up being shown as Ayami killing the heart of her student. Figuring out what each dream means adds a unique problem to solve, which will probably frustrate Ayami and entertain the viewer.

There is another plot in this as well involving Gackt’s character. He’s the assistant to Yuiko’s grandpa, but due to his shady nature he isn’t able to get close to the experiment. Gackt’s character is an interesting one, because you know that he’s going to be someone to watch out for, but at the same time he’s Prince Charming in Ayami’s dreams so she’s going to get sucked into his shady world due to this.

I’ve mentioned this in an earlier blog post that I’ve only ever seen Gackt in Mr. Brain and he was incredibly creepy there. I loved it, but due to this, I already saw him shady character before finding out that he was indeed a shady character. I need to see him in another drama where he’s happy or something so I can stop viewing his characters like this. He does it well though.

Another thing that’s great about this show is how it seems dark, but also suitable for kids to watch. It’s an interesting contrast, but one that I’m looking forward to seeing more of.

Definitely check this one out!

A touch of Rogue: I really like Yuiko’s hair with the grey streak, then again I really like grey hair. It’s kind of my dream to have a head of grey hair.



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