First Impressions: Perfect Blue


Synopsis: Hasumi Kayoko (Takimoto Miori), the rookie investigator at the all-female Hasumi Detective Agency, always observes people and cases in a level-headed manner. She detests lies and secrets, and has a strong sense of justice. Her late father worked at the city news desk of a newspaper, but committed suicide 7 years ago. However, the truth lies in darkness and Kayoko’s mother, Kyoko (Zaizen Naomi), the agency’s director, has been secretly pursuing the facts. An incident becomes the catalyst that entwines Kayoko and the people around her, and she closes in on the truth behind her father’s death.

First Impression: I wanted to like this, but nothing about the first episode grabbed my attention and the crime was incredibly predictable that I was wondering how the private detectives didn’t figure this out a lot sooner.

I enjoy the occasional crime drama, especially when there is a female lead. The setting is interesting enough, Kayo-chan works for her mother at the Hasumi Detective Agency and gets to solve crimes. Hasumi Detective Agency is run for women by women. You don’t see this a lot in shows these days, so it was a nice change.

The mystery surrounding Kayo-chan’s father is also interesting. We’re told that seven years ago, he was found dead with a note that read Perfect Blue. It looked like a suicide, but Kayo and her family believe otherwise.

But then we get to the first crime of this week and I don’t know what happened. The moment Sakiko shows up and the dead body is found, you quickly realize that she was a part of this scheme. Once you quickly realize this, and you will, the rest of the show goes by slowly. There’s no suspense, there’s no twist, and there’s no payoff at the end.

You just find yourself wondering what’s wrong with the police and the detective agency and how is it possible for them to be this naive. It was frustrating to watch. Also, Kayo had a chance to save two people at the end but she doesn’t. She could have picked up her phone and called the cops, or at least applied pressure to the stab wounds, but instead she just shakes Sakiko’s body and cries.


It was too much for me. I will say one thing though. After watching Strawberry Night and Himitsu Chouhouin Erika, it is nice seeing a female lead who is happy and not as intense. I still prefer Erika and Himekawa though, but it still a nice change.

I’ll probably give this another chance, but if the second episode is anything like the first then I’m dropping this.

To stab or not to stab: At the end of the episode, Sakiko decides to stab herself after stabbing her boyfriend. The only problem is, she never stabbed herself. She just places the knife on her stomach and dies.



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