First Impressions: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Synopsis: This is the story of the Joestar family, and their battles against bizarre enemies. Jonathan Joestar’s battle against the vampire Dio Brando starts it all, and it continues into roughly each second generation of Joestars through all parts of the story.

First Impressions: I think I’ve found my new favourite anime of this fall season. The colours, the voice actors, the pacing and the plot were all fantastic. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this show. It was really that good.

When the episode opens up, we meet with Mr. Brando and Mr. Joestar. Joestar’s family fell off a cliff and are badly injured, but thanks to Mr. Brando, who was trying to steal things from the wreckage, Mr. Joestar and his son are saved. Yay!

During this exchange, what caught my eye the most were the colours. The purples and greens are so vibrant compared to everything and it made my eyes very, very happy. The drawings in itself isn’t as good as other things I’ve seen, but the colours. They were perfect for this anime. Just perfect.

As the story progresses, we meet two boys Dio Brando and Jonathan “JoJo” Joestar. They both come from very different lifestyles and view the world very differently. Dio came from nothing while Jojo is a rich kid. Just by looking at them, you already know that Dio is going to be the bad guy, because his eyes are sharp and pointy. Jojo, on the other hand, has very big innocent eyes, so he’s clearly the good guy.

I don’t know if this is truly the case for the entire anime or manga, but just from the first episode it seems like this is how it’s going to be.

Before Mr. Brando dies he tells Dio to go live with Mr. Joestar. Dio agrees but plans to take everything away from Jojo in the process. Because he’s evil and everything. His methods appear to be quite dastardly too as he plans to make Jojo lose everything and be miserable. In the process, Jojo loses all of his friends, his girlfriend, and even his poor dog. RIP Danny.


And yet, I don’t mind watching Dio as much as I should. He’s just so over the top that I’m left wondering what he was going to do next as oppose to saying, “Die, Die, Die!” He had me on the edge of my seat hoping that Jojo would be okay and not lose his innocence.

Plus, considering his upbringing, I do somewhat sympathize with Dio and his horrible outlook on life. He’s still a jerkface, but I do hope that he changes and doesn’t become like his father.

Like I said before, the plot was amazing, the voice acting was top notch, the artwork make my eyes happy, and the pacing was sick.

I can’t wait to watch more. This show exceeded my expectations and then some. I never read the manga, but I think I’m going to start now considering how good the first episode was.

Underage moment: In this episode, I kept forgetting Dio and Jojo were suppose to be 12. Yes, 12. That’s some crazy psychological stuff to go through when you’re 12. Poor Jojo.


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