5 Line Recap: Oohlala Couple ep 5

울랄라 부부

1. I still don’t like that Victoria went after a married man, but she somehow made me like her in this episode, especially after her talk with Yeo Ok.

2. Il Ran can’t stop seeing weird things and now suspects that both Yeo Ok and Soo Nam are having affairs, which makes me wish that the family just knew about the switch, as it would make things easier for all of them.

3. Yeo Ok and Soo Nam are not suitable as a couple and I like that the show is casting them both in a bad light; they both caused this marriage to end, the affair was simply the tipping point.

4. I did like the scenes when they were not fighting with one another and just talking, they clearly make better friends than husband/wife.

5. Narsha wasn’t in this episode, so I was happy.

Previews: Soo Nam gets fired da da daaaa!


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