Sword Art Online episode 15

Start of the new arc. And the start of another girl who enters the Kirito fan club. Even in real life, the his love mojo doesn’t seem to stop.

The episode takes place 2 months after the end of episode 14. Kirito is now out of the hospital, Asuna is still in the hospital, and Kayaba is missing in action. A new character does enter the scene, Kirito’s sister, Suguha, who is actually his cousin. So far, there isn’t much personality to her, except that it seems like she’s in love with Kirito. There is a flashback scene, where Kirito’s mom/aunt is explaining how Kirito isn’t really her child, but her sister’s child. Suguha laughs when she hears this, but thinks to herself, “So now my feelings are not taboo. Cousins can get married and fall in love. YAY!”

Because that’s what siblings turned cousins do in real life. They instantly fall in love and stuff. Now, I know you might think that this is crazy. But the show has established that Kirito has the pheromone powers of an alpha lion. Any single female that comes into contact with him will fall in love with him. And they’ll also somehow always end up sleeping (in a non sexual way) next to him in bed. Always, unless they’re in a pit then it’s sleeping bags.

A lot of other things happened other that Suguha and her feelings. I did like how Kirito is still doing things that he did in the game. He was there for 2 years and he grew up a lot, so I liked how they remembered that and showed us that Kirito still isn’t use to his real life yet. I did feel bad for him when he went to visit Asuna. I felt even worse when Asuna’s fiancee, Sugou, showed up and started sniffing her hair. I knew the moment he had glasses he would be evil and then he goes on sniffing her hair, playing with her face, and acting incredibly creepy just to mess with Kirito.

I really hope that they develop his character a bit more so that he’s not only creepy. And if he is only creepy, then I hope he’s not too one note. I have a feeling like he’s going to show up a lot, so I don’t want want him to be a horrible villain. If he is, then I might be forced to like him because he’s so ridiculous and I don’t want to like a hair sniffing weirdo.

At the end of the episode, it seems like the ALO game will start soon so I’m really excited about that. Don’t know if I love the fairy concept quite yet, but the new game will probably be fantastic, so it’s all good.


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