Anime Review: Shiba Inuko-san

しばいぬ子さんSynopsis: Shiba Inuko-san is a 14-year-old girl who looks exactly like a Shiba Inu dog. One of her classmates, Ishibashi Chako, wonders about her appearance, but no one else thinks it is strange.

What they say: “Each episode of Shiba Inuko-san contains one to two mildly amusing jokes and/or sight gags, and that’s about it. If that’s all you’re looking for, you’ll get a pretty good return on your investment (1 minute and 30 seconds per episode). What you won’t get is anything very memorable or interesting.” ~ supermoose from MAL

What my dad says: “I don’t like fiction […] Animal Planet is better.”

What I say: It’s very short and very weird, and yet, I find myself quite charmed with this series.

This isn’t a show for everyone. It doesn’t really have a plot, there isn’t much in the way of character development, and is very, and I mean very, short. At 1 minute and 30 seconds, with 30 seconds being used for the intro song, you don’t have enough time to fully get into an episode because the show tends to end abruptly once the joke has been told.

Does this mean the show is horrible? Absolutely not.

The basic premise of the show is Shiba Inuka-san going to school and interacting with her two friends Naho, who doesn’t see anything wrong with Shiba, and Chako, who finds it weird that that no one is noticing that Shiba is a dog. What makes this even weirder is that Shiba doesn’t see herself as a dog. So what is she? A dog or human?

We’re never told what Shiba is, however, this is part of the charm of the show and it provides a lot of the jokes as well. Whether she’s a dog who ate the human human fruit or just an unfortunate looking human, we will never know. She’s mysterious in that sense. I do want to know what her parents look like though.

The show doesn’t ask you to think too hard. It’s only a minute, so you don’t really have time to do much thinking in the first place. You just watch it, laugh at its oddness and then go on to something else.

The comedy comes from seeing how everyone, humans and animals, interact with Shiba. Dogs want to smell her butt, while humans seem to fall for her. A good example of this is Chako’s brother…let’s just say that loving Shiba makes characters do some weird things.

Overall, this is a very cute and charming show. I liked it.




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