First Impressions: Oohlala Couple

울랄라 부부

Synopsis: A comedy family drama about a troubled married couple in their early 40s in which the infidelity of the husband Go Soo Nam (Shin Hyun Joon) who is a hotelier leads to the wife Na Yeo Ok (Kim Jung Eun) demanding a divorce after 12 years of marriage. However, an accident causes their body swap, leading to hilarious antics.

First Impression: Kdramas have many good things to it: couples that you want to root for, secondary characters that are well developed and extremely likeable, and a fun story line with lots of comedy. But at the same time, so many of the popular dramas follow the same themes that you kind of get sick of them. The last Kdrama that I truly loved every minute of was White Christmas. Even though it had many plot holes, the show provided something different, which I enjoyed.

I found myself stay away from kdramas and focusing more on jdramas, as it has more diversity in their stories. Then I heard about Oohlala and I think my kdrama slump is now over.

After watching the first episode, I think it’s safe to assume I’m caught, hook line and sinker. This show is just so refreshing to watch. And the characters, oh, I absolutely love the characters so far. Na Yeo Ok is awesome, which scares me because I’m afraid that she’ll lose her personality and become a crying mess as the story goes on, but for now she’s just great. I love her.

Her husband, well he can fall off a cliff….er, I’m sorry that sounded harsh. I guess what I mean is that he can…fall off a cliff. Wow, I really hate him. I think he might be one of the most unlikeable characters I’ve ever seen in a show and by the end of the episode, you really just want to see him get knocked out. That being said, I think Shin Hyun Joon is doing a great job in this role. His personality at the hotel is so different from his personality at home with his wife. And the fact that I hate him, means he’s doing a great job in acting. Kudos to him, in fact the entire cast so far is perfect in their roles.

There is a supernatural element in the story, when the two switch bodies, ala Secret Garden, and I think there is something to do with past lives as well that will come up later.

I do hope that Na Yeo Ok and Go Soo Nam never get back together though. If they do, I really hope the show does a good job explaining how Na Yeo Ok would ever consider going back to him. I know I wouldn’t.

Unintentional funny moments: The knife being blurred out and Na Yeo Ok using an inhaler, without actually using her inhaler.

I think she’s doing it wrong

Congrats to Oohlala Couple, the show has been doing great in the ratings so far.  To see the ratings, please visit JoenCorner


4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Oohlala Couple

  1. fly

    Oh I’ve been planning to watch it since I heard it was coming out 😀 I’m glad it seems good so far because the plot sounds interesting. I love body-switching shows haha 😀

    1. mochirochi Post author

      Definitely check it out, it’s different and it has some really hilarious scenes. The body switching takes place in episode 2, but we don’t really see much of it. I hope it’s good though, from what I’ve seen of it it’s pretty funny as well. ^^

    1. mochirochi Post author

      I liked the first few episodes, but at the moment I feel like it’s dragging on a bit. It’s enjoyable for the most part though, so I’d definitely give it a try if I were you. ^^


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